Essential Accessories

Comfortable Saddle
If you do not find your saddle comfortable, you will not want to ride your bike. Do yourself a favor and get a comfortable saddle.
To safely ride in the dark, not only do you need to see, but others need to see you as well. In Illinois, you must ride with a front light at dawn/dusk/night.
Computers are a great way to track your progress on your bike. They will tell you your current & average speed, odometer, trip distance, time, elapsed time, etc.
We have too many examples of how a customer would not be with us today if it was not for their helmet. Do yourself & your loved ones a favor, wear a helmet!
You will need something to carry your wallet, phone, spare tube, tire levers, CO2 pump, & multi-tool on your bike while you ride.
Maximize your efficiency & power by using cycling shoes & pedals.
You just made an investment on a great bicycle. Do not lean your bike over, put a kickstand on it!
These are perfect for your quick, on-the-go adjustments to your seat or handlebar.
Floor Pump
To keep your bike running smoothly, you need to keep the recommended air pressure in your tires. The floor pump helps you do just that. Our floor pumps work with both presta & schrader valves.
Racks are perfect for carrying those bigger items (lunch-box, work clothes, groceries) on your bike.
Spare tube
You never know when you are going to get a flat tire, so make sure you have a spare tube just in case!
Cycling socks
Keep the sweat off your feet & help prevent yourself from getting hot foot by wearing cycling socks.
Tire levers
You never know when you will have to change a tube or tire so make sure you have tire levers so you can get the job done properly without damaging your wheel.
Cycling shorts
These have extra padding in them to help save you from saddle soreness & reduce chaffing.
On-the-bike pump
If you are out on a ride & get a flat tire, you will need some sort of on-the-bike pump to get you going again.
Cycling jersey
Jerseys are tailored to fit perfectly while riding & help keep your body cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Water bottle cage
If you plan on riding for longer than 15 minutes, you will need something to hold your hydration.
Cycling gloves
The gloves are going to help against hand numbness, improve grip, & protect your hands.
Water bottle
You will need something to help keep you hydrated if you ride longer than 15 minutes.
You just invested good money in a bike, make sure it stays yours!